About Medngine


The Medngine platform was created by pharmacists to meet the specific, unique demands of compound pharmacies’ product management and fulfillment needs. The quick-start system manages the business operations of a pharmacy or group so operators stay focused on their patients’ care, while giving distributors and salespeople a valuable tool for tracking accounts in real time. Early customers have seen benefits such as streamlined workflow and an increase in their bottom line – that’s what Medngine delivers for pharmacies focused on providing the best in custom formulations.

Features & Benefits

Track & Report

Medngine offers a comprehensive tracking and reporting system that meets the specific needs of the compounding pharmacy industry.


The easy-to-use functionality means new users can be trained and get started quickly, and the ability to use eFax routing for prescriptions allows for faster service to keep patients healthy.


Built to integrate with industry standard filling, billing & inventory software to easily report and manage scripts.

Manage Patients

On the business end, Medngine’s integrated customer relationship management system keeps customizable data on your most valuable patients so you can serve them in the best way possible.


Safeguards such as pharmacy license tracking and federal prescription flagging ensure that all transactions are handled through the proper channels and meet the appropriate guidelines.

Comprehensive Reporting

Medngine’s deep data system provides highly customizable sales reports to better track your business, so users can make fast and calculated decisions.

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