About Medngine


MEDNGINE’s pharmacy sales platform was created by pharmacists to meet the operational and business demands of pharmacy managers and pharmaceutical sales organizations.

Our pharmacy management solutions integrate with specialty pharmacy software such as PK compounder. Our RX prescription tools help pharmacies focus on their customer’s care, while our RX sales rep apps enable medical distributors and pharmaceutical sales organizations to track accounts in real time. Our Pharmacy Software and Pharmacy Analytics optimize efficacy of care by creating actionable insight from pharmacy & sales data.

Our customers have experienced streamlined workflow and an increase in their bottom line to plan for growth in their businesses. Let MEDNGINE drive your pharmacy business today.

Features & Benefits

Real-time Tracking

Our pharmacy sales platform provides instant actionable insight into the specific business needs of specialty pharmacies and pharmaceutical sales organizations in one platform.

End-To-End Integration

Built to integrate with industry standard filling, billing & inventory software (PK compounder, etc.) to easily report and manage prescriptions with RX prescription tools.

Industry Compliant

Pharmacy license tracking and federal prescription flagging go a long way to ensure that all transactions are handled through the proper channels to meet HIPAA/HITECH compliance guidelines.


Simple functionality means that you and your team can be trained quickly, and the ability to use eFax routing for prescriptions allows for faster service to keep patients cared for and sales teams focused.

Manage Sales

Intuitive and industry specific customer relationship management solutions keeps customized data on your most valuable accounts so you can serve them the with the utmost care and attention.

Comprehensive Reporting

MEDNGINE’s deep-data pharmacy management solution provides highly customized reports to give you a snapshot of your business on the fly. Take control of your data and unlock insights into making better informed decisions.

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